Honor Wall

Camp Morning Star                            Stater Bros.                       Bill & Wags Towing                   US Forest Service Station 17 & 34              

Angelus Oaks Fire  Station 98           Home Depot-Redlands   Brandon's Photography           Melissa Chumley   

Mike McKay Foundation                    Valeria Julian-Peto           Norm and Nancy Cione           Joe and Candi Bruni

Patricia Baker                                      Burgess Photography     Mike and Rita Russ                   Firefighters First Credit Union (Kelly Ramsey)

Critical Care Education                      The Oaks Restaurant      Nathaniel Quinn                        Mike Beers

Randy Ridges                                       Norm & Nancy Cione     Carol and Robert Albaugh       Chad Richardson - Blue Helmet Training

Lisa Comnick                                        Rob Rooney                     Gloria Coder                               Liz Bohannon 

Officer Todd Garvin                            Jeremy Briggs                  David Paladini                             Shawn Battle

Diana White                                         Morina Morris                  Bell Roof Company, Inc.           Gina Carillo

Jessica Grube                                       Marta Chaves                  All Season's Insulation              Sabrina Bruni  

SA Recycling                                         Vons                                  Gerards                                        Jesse Quinalte - Red Helmet Training

Costco                                                   Sam's Club                        Vanessa Vincent                        Aleisha Andreasen

Forest Falls Fire Department            David Erickson                  Wendy Summers                      Symons Ambulance

Trace Graphixs                                    The Bail Bond Boys          Alleena Parchment                   Benjamin and Linda Olmeda

We would like to recognize every one of our sponsors. We could not do it without their generous, selflessness, support. It is because of their support that we are able to keep the cost of the camp, at a minimal for every cadet, and allows us to offer scholarships. Every penny counts and affords these teens an opportunity to experience the Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement and Military agencies during this academy.

If you would like to join our support network and contribute to the potentially life-changing experience these cadets will gain, there are many ways to support. Ways to support: ‚ÄčSponsor a specific Cadet, Sponsor equipment by donating the cost, Sponsor certain supplies by donating the cost, Sponsor a Scholarship or simply donate any amount you wish.  Here's all you have to do. Select the button below, choose any amount you desire and feel proud that your contribution plays a role in introducing a career path to these cadets. We will also add you our honor wall for others to see your gracious support. Thank you, in advance, for all your contributions!