Plan on coming prepared to camp. We are out in the wilderness and there are animals and bugs. It's warm by day and cold by night.  The following list are items your should plan to bring as all will be used:

*Sleeping bag                                             *Flashlight                                                  *Dark blue dickie-type work pant

*Warm / Cold weather clothing              *Personal first aid kit with basics         *Black polishable boots (inexpensive)

*Toiletries /shower stuff                          *Swim suit                                                  *Plain black belt (no insigneas)

*Bug repellant                                            *Explorers (bring your PPEs/gear)

*Closed-toe shoes / shower shoes        *A wrist watch

*OTC / Prescription medications (Must be in a gallon zip lock with your name labeled on it)

*Snacks for between meals (Must be in plastic shoebox with lid, labeled with your name)

*School gym clothes for P.T. (must be your gym clothes)

*Bring release of liabilities, signed (provided upon registration)

*Positive attitude